LEGend Lecture Cycle: Longevity-enriched families–How did they succeed?


We invite you to a LEGend lecture of Professor Kaare Christensen on 21 February, 16:00 hrs in lecture hall 5 at the LUMC. Professor Christensen dedicated his career to ageing research in the Danish Twin Registry and Familial Longevity studies. He is a wonderful speaker and a very nice person to talk to, so come and visit his lecture entitled: Longevity-enriched families. How did they succeed?

Bio sketch

Kaare Christensen (born June 20, 1959) is a Danish epidemiologist and [...]


PhD defense: Nicolien van Vliet – thyroid and ageing

On January 25th 2023 at 13:45 hrs, Nicolien van Vliet will defend her PhD thesis titled “Is thyroid status a common denominator of age-related disease?”. You can join in person at the Academiegebouw in Leiden, or via the livestream.


UNC-ZH symposium (Dutch only)


On March 23th the yearly UNC-ZH Symposium will take place in the LUMC Burumazaal from 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM. This year’s theme is “Magie van Zorgtechnologie” and the symposium is accessible for all healthcare professionals of UNC-ZH member organisation, including the LUMC. The symposium will be in Dutch. See the program in the infographic below or on the website: unc-zh.nl. Register now by clicking the link under “Event summary” below.



New website UNC-ZH


The University Network for the Care Sector South-Holland (UNC-ZH) has a new website, which is currently operational, but still under construction. For now it is only in Dutch, but the English webpages will follow soon. We will keep you posted regarding our latests research on elderly care via:





PhD Defense: Laura Bavelaar – mySupport study

Profielfoto Laura Bavelaar

Laura Bavelaar will defend her thesis “Thinking Ahead – Supporting family caregivers of nursing home residents with dementia in advance care planning” on 28th of February at 10.00 AM. You can join in person at the Academiegebouw in Leiden, or via the livestream.


Review Uncovers Associations Between Sleep Disruption and Gut Microbiome Changes


When we sleep poorly, we immediately realize how much it affects our mood. But research suggests that poor sleep is also linked to biological changes in our gut health.

The systematic review recently published thoroughly analyzed all trials and studies associating certain bacterial profiles with poor sleep. In essence, poor sleep is associated with an inflammatory bacterial profile. Given the interest in naturally-occurring muscle mass loss due to ageing – termed sarcopenia -, mechanism through which these inflammatory gut bacteria [...]


LEGend Lecture Cycle: Imaging the Ageing Brain


We are excited to announce another upcoming LEGend lecture session from our Lecture Cycle: Imaging the Ageing Brain. It revolves around magnetic resonance imaging markers for age-related brain abnormalities.

It will take place as a hybrid meeting in the LUMC in the Van Ronnenzaal (K2-52 at Radiology) and via Microsoft Teams (link), on the 16th of January at 16.00.


The program is as follows:

16.00 – 16.30: Brain infarcts detected with MRI, cognitive change and risk of dementia [...]


Pipeline Meeting: Vulnerability across the Lifecourse

During this meeting we will discuss various aspects of vulnerability from inside the womb to later in life.

What are its generic concepts? What is the impact? How can we measure it? What do geriatricians and pediatricians have in common?

Location will follow, hybrid participant on Teams is possible!