Ageing biology & lifecourse in disease risk

dr. ir. Diana van Heemst
Diana van Heemst
Mechanistic and fundamental studies into ageing. Genetics/genomics/functional genomics/physiological mechanistic studies into biological age, longevity, (common denominators and the ageing component in) ageing-related diseases/multi-morbidity and ageing phenotypes (lifecourse changes in immunity, metabolic, muscle, gut-health, sleep) and studies into ageing mechanisms in animal models (Hallmarks and key regulators of ageing: DNA damage, telomeres, cellular senescence, stem cell ageing, energy metabolism).

This nucleus also covers early exposures and determinants of age-related disease and syndemic approaches, on the co-occurring diseases in social contexts (e.g. inequity along the lifecourse) that lead to exacerbated burdens of disease or the protection from such exacerbation.

prof. dr. Thomas van den Akker
Thomas van den Akker
Our subtheme focuses on individual causal paths that contribute to heterogeneity in disease risk and vitality as well as population based factors (i.e. social determinants) that act on the individual.

Ambassador of this sub-theme are dr. ir. Diana van Heemst and prof. dr. Thomas van den Akker.

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