Second publication of the EAPC taskforce Advance Care Planning in dementia

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Following a publication on defining advance care planning (ACP) in dementia and what it entails, a second publication on the 33-country Delphi study addresses policy and research gaps.

Evidence-based policy should shape strategic priorities to guide professionals. The taskforce of the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC) chaired by Dr Jenny van der Steen (LUMC) and Dr Ida Korfage (Erasmus MC) has developed policy and research recommendations for ACP. The second article, published in The Lancet Healthy Longevity, was [...]


Toolkit Vitality Garden is launched!

The “Toolkit Vitality Garden” is launched!

Going outside is not a luxury, but a necessity. Unfortunately, it seems that going outside is still not a normal part of daily nursing home practice.

With this (Dutch) toolkit you now know how to design a nursing home garden based on evidence-based practice. It is developed based on literature research, preliminary results of an intervention study and expertise of the research- and projectteam.

This research was carried out by the University Network for [...]


Clustering method for brain phenotypes helps to predict dementia in older adults


Jasmin Annica Keller and Jeroen de Bresser of the LUMC Radiology department published a paper on the identification of brain MRI phenotypes using a hierarchical clustering model. The results indicate that distinct brain MRI phenotypes are related to varying long-term risks of developing dementia. Brain MRI phenotypes may in the future assist in an improved understanding of the structural correlates of dementia predisposition.

View the new publication in Neurology here.


Jaarlijks UNC-ZH Symposium: Samen voor de ouderenzorg (Dutch only)

Samen voor de ouderenzorg: kennis vanuit onderzoek voor de praktijk

Blijf jij graag op de hoogte van nieuwe kennis voor de ouderenzorg? Schrijf je dan nu in voor het jaarlijks UNC-ZH symposium op vrijdag 15 maart 2024! Er zijn binnen het netwerk veel onderzoeken in de afrondende fase.

Op dit symposium hoor je nu al de bevindingen die er voor de praktijk toe doen. Met een afwisselend programma met presentaties, flitspresentaties en workshops komen verschillende onderwerpen voorbij.

Als lid van [...]


First publication of the EAPC taskforce Advance Care Planning in dementia


Advance care planning is highly relevant for persons with dementia in view of diminishing capacity to express wishes for future care. The commonly cited definitions refer to a continuous process of communication, yet they define advance care planning for person with capacity exclusively. To clarify how to proceed if capacity declines or fluctuates, a taskforce of the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC) chaired by Dr Jenny van der Steen (LUMC) and Dr Ida Korfage (Erasmus MC), developed a [...]


Healthful plant-based diet associates with greater well-being in older adults

A shift towards a more plant-based diet is promoted as healthy as well as sustainable. Whether this also applies to older adults is however less clear: On one hand plant-based diets may lead to energy deficits among vulnerable older adults and therefore negatively impact well-being. On the other hand, plant-based diets have been found to have anti-inflammatory properties, suggesting they could be beneficial to older adults, often prone to chronic inflammation.

Using data of the Lifelines cohort study, we therefore [...]


New publication shows blood biomarkers for senescence endotypes in osteoarthritis patients

Accumulation of senescent cells leads to numerous diseases, such as osteoarthritis (OA). In this study, we set out to characterize heterogeneity of cellular senescence in aged articular cartilage and explored the presence of corresponding metabolic profiles in blood that could function as representative biomarkers. Hereto we set out to perform cluster analyses, using a gene-set of 131 senescence genes (N=57) in a previously established RNA sequencing dataset of aged articular cartilage, and a generated metabolic dataset in overlapping blood samples.



Lecture by Anil Seth: Consciousness in humans and in other things

Anil Seth’s (Professor Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience at the University of Sussex) research focuses on the concept “consciousness”. In this lecture, Seth will share his theories about this concept and emphasize that how we look at this has a huge impact on healthcare, AI and (biomedical) research. Seth is not only a researcher, but has also written the bestseller “Being you” and given TedTalks that are viewed by millions of people worldwide.