Mission Statement

Vision and mission

The mission of the LUMC theme Lifecourse Epidemiology and Geroscience is to leverage education and the scientific knowledge base on ageing to develop and implement innovative solutions to promote a longer and healthier lifecourse and a better quality of life for our patients and the ageing society. To reach our aims, we will combine our scientific expertise in the fields of Lifecourse Epidemiology and Geroscience.

Increase the healthy life span

Lifecourse epidemiology studies the role of long-term physical, psychological or socio-behavioural capacities and also exposures that act during development and early adult life on later-life health and disease. Geroscience is an interdisciplinary field that seeks to define the biological mechanisms of ageing that give rise to a spectrum of age-related phenotypes, diseases and disorders.
Together, Lifecourse Epidemiology and Geroscience leverage the understanding of the biology of age-related changes that occur during life to improve prevention and treatment strategies to increase the healthy life span of older individuals and to contribute to our ageing society.