LUMC Radiology PhD students win lay communication contest at ISMRM Benelux conference


At the ISMRM Benelux conference in Brussels, Belgium, Bárbara Schmitz Abecassis and Ingmar Eiling of the LUMC Radiology and C.J. Gorter MRI Center were awarded first prize of a lay-person communication contest. Submissions were judged by researchers and a patient group for their style and ability to make complex ideas accessible to non-experts.

Bárbara explained her work in glioma MR imaging (a type of brain cancer) using chemical exchange saturation transfer, or CEST, in a non-technical summary. Ingmar made a [...]


A word of caution: Regression to the mean in (biological) age prediction


When predicting biological age in research, regression to the mean can be an issue. Marije Sluiskes and others from LEGend posted a PubPeer comment (a postpublication peer review platform) to a recent publication of Daunay et al. 2022 (Aging) which did not consider this phenomenon.

Daunay et al. compare four types of epigenetic clocks in three groups: semi-supercentenarians (mean age ± standard deviation: 101.3 ± 1.4), offspring of nonagenarians and centenarians (61.2 ± 6.1), and individuals from the general [...]


Converis Graduate School module walk-in sessions


In the LUMC, every 2nd Tuesday of the month, at 12.00 o’clock, a walk-in session will be held to help PhD candidates with the Converis Graduate School module. The Graduate School office will provide tips & tricks and answer any questions regarding PhD milestones and practical issues. The first session will be held on April 11th, 2023.

Walk-in sessions will also be held for Primary Thesis advisors – these will be held on the last Thursday once every quarter, also [...]


New professionals in the field of Vitality & Ageing!


A new group of students from the Master’s Vitality & Ageing have received their diploma in the Academic Building of the University of Leiden. This Master’s prepares students for an important role in improving the future of our care. The program can be followed in one fulltime year. However, since 2021, there is also the option to do it in two part-time years and thus combine it with a professional career or second Master’s. The unique, future-focused and interdisciplinary Master’s [...]


Fruitful visit of Kaare Christensen to Molecular Epidemiology research group


Kaare Christensen, Danish epidemiologist and biostatistician at the University of Southern Denmark, visited the group of Molecular Epidemiology to discuss collaboration within the ZonMW Open Competition project investigating the socio-genetic pathways of human ageing rate and longevity. The research group of this project headed by Eline Slagboom including Niels van Berg, Pasquale Putter, Mar Rodriguez-Girondo and Marian Beekman discussed potential research questions that can be answered especially by the group of Kaare Christensen in Odense by the use [...]


Defense of Sigurdur Sigurdsson in Leiden on Icelandic AGES-Reykjavik ageing study, highlights long-standing collaboration


Sigurdur Sigurdsson has been awarded a PhD doctorate on his extensive work on the AGES-Reykjavik study (Age/Gene-Environmental Susceptibility). This population-based longitudinal study followed a community cohort of Icelandic participants collecting multiple phenotypes including sampling of genetic material, blood chemistry, cognitive test batteries and structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This work from Sigurdur and many others, including Leiden radiologists that contributed to the MRI sampling methods especially, has generated some landmark studies on risk factors and protective factors of cardiovascular- [...]


PhD defense Leon Martens: Oxidants and anti-oxidants

On Wednesday March 29th 2023 Leon Martens will defend his PhD thesis “Oxidants and antioxidants as targets for cardiovascular disease prevention: evidence from observational and causal inference studies”. You can join in the Academiegebouw or through the livestream (link below)