The board of “Lifecourse Epidemiology and Geroscience” consists of the following people:

prof. dr. Eline Slagboom
Eline Slagboom
Professor of Molecular Epidemiology and Theme Chair
Eline Slagboom is a biologist by training, head of Molecular Epidemiology and chair of the Dutch Society for Research on Ageing (DuSRA). She is dedicated to molecular-based research into human ageing and protection mechanisms against age-related diseases for over 25 years. She focusses on three interconnected topics: genetic and genomic studies into the aetiology of ageing and its heterogeneity, biomarker studies to predict vulnerability in older age, and intervention studies (lifestyle, clinical) for those at risk.
prof. dr. Simon Mooijaart
Simon Mooijaart
Professor of Medicine, chair of Gerontology and Geriatrics and Theme Co-chair
Simon Mooijaart is an internist-geriatrician and chair of the sub-department of Gerontology and Geriatrics. Being a physician, his research focuses on developing and delivering evidence-based and appropriate care to older patients with various diseases, resulting in improved outcomes for older patients. He has initiated and leads several clinical studies and consortia in older patients with cancer, renal disease, thyroid dysfunction, COVID-19 and in the Emergency Department.
dr. Jeroen de Bresser
Jeroen de Bresser
Neuroradiologist, Young Faculty Member and Theme Co-chair
Jeroen de Bresser is a neuroradiologist and head of the section Neuroradiology and Head and Neck Radiology. His research focus is on the development and application of quantitative/ultra-high field (7T) brain MRI markers and the use of artificial intelligence models for early prediction of occurrence of diseases, such as dementia or stroke. He is involved in and leads multiple national and international studies and consortia on brain imaging in cerebral small vessel disease, dementia, neuro-oncology and NPSLE. He is also involved in developing new Dutch medical guidelines in the steering committee of the cluster cognitive disorders and dementia.
dr. ir. Diana van Heemst
Diana van Heemst
Associate professor Biology of Ageing
Dr. Diana van Heemst, associate professor, studied and obtained her doctorate in Biology at the University of Wageningen. Trained as molecular biologist, she works in a clinical setting at the LUMC since 2002. Her research is aimed at identifying biological mechanisms that contribute to human health and disease via translation of key finding from model organisms to humans. She integrates different approaches and methodologies in her research line, including analysis of genetic determinants, cellular characteristics, circulating biomarkers, neuro-endocrine phenotypes and functional capacities. Study designs vary from large cohort studies to small in depth diagnostic studies in human volunteers, including randomised controlled trials.
prof. dr. David van Bodegom
David van Bodegom
Professor of Vitality in an Ageing Population
David van Bodegom is professor of Vitality in an ageing population by special appointment at the department Public health and primary care at the Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC). He is also appointed theme leader Vitality at knowledge institute Leyden Academy on Vitality and Ageing and author of several books on vitality and ageing for the general population at Atlas Contact publishers Amsterdam.
prof. dr. Jacobijn Gussekloo
Jacobijn Gussekloo
Professor Primary Care
Jacobijn Gussekloo is general practitioner by training and appointed as professor in primary care at the Leiden University Medical Center. Since her medical school, she is dedicated to improve individual outcomes of medical care for older people, with special interest for geriatrics in primary care. Within the LUMC, she combines her extensive research activities with education (director of the master Vitality and Ageing), continuous medical education (Kaderopleiding Geintegreerde Eerstelijns Ouderenzorg) and policy (for example chair of the Advisory Board of Older People Zuid-Holland Noord).
prof. dr. Thomas van den Akker
Thomas van den Akker
Professor of Gynaecology
Thomas van den Akker is an obstetrician-gynaecologist who specialises in maternal-fatal medicine at the Leiden University Medical Center. His primary interest, both clinically and research-wise, is severe maternal illness, the pathogenesis, prevention and management of which he studies in the Netherlands, Europe and around the globe. Thomas is also appointed as a professor of Global Maternal Health at the VU University in Amsterdam.