This Wednesday the 15th of March, Martijn Nagtegaal received his PhD title with honors (cum laude). The defense took place at the Senaatszaal of the Technical University (TU) Delft. His PhD project was part of the Medical Delta collaboration Diagnostics 3.0: Dementia and Stroke, with shared supervision from TU Delft, Erasmus MC and LUMC (Jeroen de Bresser and Thijs van Osch).

"Lekenpraatje" or layman's pitch by Martijn before his defense
His PhD thesis, “Estimation of multiple components and parameters in quantitative MRI”, provides technical and clinical solutions for MR Fingerprinting, a technique to rapidly quantify various tissue types and their water interactions using a single MRI scan. His implementations hold promise for faster patient scans, tissue characterization, better motion correction, and more, which could accelerate and improve clinical MRI for neurodegenerative diseases as well. We congratulate Martijn and his supervisors with this achievement!