This is a hybrid meeting. The physical meeting will take place in LUMC Lecture Hall 4. To get access to the online meeting please register via this link.


17:00 Introduction / Announcements (Eline Slagboom)
17:05 Reproductive immunology and repeated miscarriages (Marie-Louise van der Hoorn)
17:25 Cerebrovascular changes and cognitive decline (Jeroen de Bresser)
17:45 Hipfractures and geriatric rehabilitation (Wilco Achterberg)
18:05 Older adults in lifestyle interventions: Recording physical activity (Stelios Paraschiakos)
18:25 Closure

Drinks afterwards in the Paleijhs (first floor)!

Seminar summary

SeminarTheme LEGend
DateSeptember 20th, 2022
Time17:00 – 18:30 hr
LocationLUMC Lecture Room 4 and online
OrganisationTheme LEGend
RegistrationRegistration is closed
CategoryST1, ST2, ST3, ST4, ST5