Master program Vitality and Ageing

Master Vitality and Ageing: Future challenges of today’s healthcare systems

The Master Vitality and Ageing is a brand-new 1-year fulltime or 2-year parttime Master’s programme full of future potential, co-creation and health management. We prepare you for an important role in improving the future of our care. The challenge of the ageing society calls for inventive care, intensive care networks and alert care professionals. With this Master’s programme, you draw on multiple disciplines to contribute to greater independence, health and happiness for senior citizens in our society.

Why Vitality and Ageing?

Our programme is unique, future-focused and interdisciplinary. Our students learn with and from each other. This degree combines different perspectives on growing older in good health, public health and health management. Our students come from diverse background, together you address the challenges of the future and experieince the value of this collective approach.

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